Flower Trends for 2016

The year in review...

Recent years have seen brides rush to recreate their version of the royal wedding or something straight off a Pinterest board. But as look at 2016 in review, it is becoming clear that brides have been much more interested in going down the aisle their own way. We've seen plans become a lot less rigid and increasingly more relaxed; this is particularly true of wedding bouquets and flowers...

Couples have also found ways in which to incorporate personal elements into their weddings that hold special memories. These have been meaningful flowers, colours and arrangements.

Below is a list of 2016 trends in the flower realm…


Peach and nude tones were big for 2016. Blush came out on top for the most wanted colour. In fact Pantone (the official proprietary colour space) named rose quartz, a blush pink the colour of the year. Actually, for the first time ever the colour of the year isn’t one, but two hues; some might suggest these two colours are actually a 'blending' to be more precise. The second colour is Serenity, a periwinkle-esque blue. These two colours blend perfectly and have the ability to show the inherent balance between a warmer rose tone and a cooler tranquil blue. These two colours are particularly prevalent in 2016 with many parts of the world experiencing a gender blur as well as same sex marriages becoming legalised in many countries!

This combo can be easily mixed with a number of other shades such as light purples, pastel colours or even taupe or a smoky green for nature-inspired wild themes. Our Offley Conservatory is decorated in a sage green which complements the blush very nicely.

Why not ask your florist to choose three to five different flowers in the same shade, this slight colour variation helps to create a monochromatic ombré effect. Furthermore, choosing one colour creates intensity and focusues on the beauty of each individual flower and all the charm it brings to the bunch.

The muted blush of Rose Quartz can help to add a little glam to your theme when paired with a metallic shade for example, a copper or a rose gold.

Blush is back, but so is berry...

The rich warm tones of berry can look impressive on your big day and really creates a statement bouquet. Berry tones work very well during the late summer weeks, where autumn is beginning to creep in. The shades of red complement the turning of the leaves and the pink skies at night.


The vintage wedding has been a popular choice in recent years and to complement this style, brides have been asking for natural looking bouquets with the ‘just-picked’ look.

To create this look, these bouquets are loosely put together with organic and wild picks, rather than tightly structured and ball-shaped designs which are quickly becoming a trend of the past. These wild flowers help to achieve a more natural and relaxed style.

Foliage is an alternative to large flower arrangements. They create a chic and organic look for your wedding. There are so many varieties to choose from and so many different combinations that you can really create something unique, bespoke and budget friendly. Many favourites include Mediterranean olive branches and eucalyptus, as well as a variety of succulents.

Chic, glam...

Many brides are overlooking the rustic look and opting for the chic, glam style instead. Silver as an accent is downtrending in favour of rose gold, gold, and bronze. The floral varieties most brides are requesting are local seasonal blooms, garden roses, dahlias, and peonies (of course), along with vines such as passion flower and jasmine vine to give the florals more of a wild, over-grown, romantic, appearance. Table arrangements coupled with a sequined table cloth in a rose gold, with copper accented décor can automatically create the most glamourous wedding of the season!

Old fashioned...

There are some flowers which simply do not go out of fashion. Dahlias and peonies are still the number one requested flowers; they are timeless and elegant and can be suited to match any theme.

Old-fashioned flowers are quick becoming the new fashion favourites, Carnations, Chrysanthemums, Sweet Pea, English Primrose and Hydrangeas.

Cascading bouquets are also coming back. This style originally became famous in the 1980's as a result of the Royal wedding of Charles and Diana. The trend became popularised in the 1990's, very much in the same way lace dresses are presently the 'in-thing' after the Alexander McQueen dress fashioned by the Duchess of Cambridge!

10 Reasons to book a Winter Wedding...

From the moment you arrive onto this estate you will automatically find yourself in the height of luxury.  Offley Place is surrounded by 27 acres of gardens and when the snow starts to fall, you are taken to a truly magical winter wonderland!  What could be more romantic?

From its exterior you will see a classic country house, but once inside you will see an interior that is stylish, sophisticated and lavish, yet it has retained that English country house feel with décor to compliment the grace of the old manor. It really creates the perfect setting for you to relax and indulge in its beauty.

At Offley Place you can see it really is where the past and present come together in perfect harmony and if you are looking for a wedding with a difference, a winter wedding here at Offley will definitely make yours one to remember!

Below are 10 reasons why you should book your winter wedding…what are you waiting for?

1.       Availability

Firstly, venue hire; everybody knows venues get booked up very quickly during the summer season, so an off-peak wedding definitely gives you more leeway with dates…and price! (Now we've got your attention) Off peak weddings are more affordable and on top of that it’s the perfect time to be haggling with your suppliers! This time of year is quiet for a lot of suppliers, so they will definitely be willing to compromise to secure some winter business!

Secondly, during the holidays, the mid-week wedding option certainly becomes a contender, because let’s face it, the days all start to roll into one by this point! Offley Place currently has a great weekday wedding package that could be right up your street!

Lastly, your guests will surely be getting into the holiday spirit by now; they may have a few days or even weeks booked off ready to celebrate with loved ones. This means they won’t be off on their summer holidays, working or probably at yet another summer wedding! It’s so difficult trying to find a date in summer that suits everyone…so go for winter instead!

After all, it is party season – a great excuse for a big get together!

2.       Décor

So were talking centrepieces, decorations, favours, bouquets….you can really go to town with winter décor!

Let’s start at the beginning of the winter season with Fireworks night. Picture it now: autumnal oranges, sparkler send-offs, pumpkins, pine cones and logs.

Moving onto December, Christmas gives you the opportunity to use richer, darker colours which create a warm and cosy atmosphere. Using rich reds and greens gives your wedding a very traditional Christmas theme. Deck the halls, hang mistletoe, dress the tree - you can really create your own little grotto!

Alternatively, go for wintery blues and silvers, coupled with an abundance of glitter and fairy lights – you special event will be a truly magical winter wonderland! Picture it now, you are walking down the aisle with flicking candles in lanterns at your side, holding a bouquet of winter flowers; you reception tables are centred with glistening branches with baubles hanging delicately, with sprigs of Holly Berry surrounding. Are you convinced yet?

Next comes New Year's Eve and all of the glitz and glamour which accompanies it! Welcome in the New Year as Mr and Mrs! Think of it this way - you will never forget your anniversary!

3.       Seasonal Flowers

Replace traditional flowers with winter greens, which are not only very seasonal (in look and smell!) but do not create a huge dent into your budget! If you are however considering flowers- seasonal florae are at your disposal! Holly Berry, Roses, Star of Bethlehem, Chrysanthemums, Lilies, Narcissus, Orchids, Pansies and Helleborus…the list goes on! Flowers and greens play a huge part in transforming your venue - and remember, your suppliers might be able to offer you a great winter deal.

4.        The Weather

Booking a winter wedding takes away one of the biggest worries a couple has leading up to their big day: the weather! When you're already spending time praying for warm weather so you are able to host your reception drinks outside, have photos and spend time on the grounds you don’t want to be wasting even more time coming up with a plan B- a rain contingency!

With a winter wedding, you know what weather to expect and you prepare accordingly! Your expectations aren't high, and anything other than a rainy day is a bonus! Who knows, you may even be lucky enough to have a dreamy white wedding! This also makes outfit planning a whole lot easier! There will be no overheated guests - nothing worse than being in a three piece suit in sweltering sun! No melting make-up or frizzy hair in the humidity! Get your winter wedding plans underway and don’t sweat it- Literally!

5.        The Food

Christmas is a time for indulging in rich and delicious food and your winter wedding breakfast is no exception! None of your guests will be on a summer shred diet in anticipation of their summer holiday so they will be just as inclined to indulge as the next! Our head chef Ronny here at Offley designs special Christmas menus incorporating all of the best seasonal ingredients. Take it from us, Offley Christmas desserts are definitely not to be missed!

6.        The Drink

Of course not forgetting the drink! You can really create a wintery ambiance with seasonal reception drinks, these not only taste delicious, but the smell of Christmas really sets the mood! Your options are boundless, how about a warming mulled wine served with mince pie canapés? Add a couple of festive cocktails such as a Christmas snowball (Advocat and Baby Cham) or a cranberry margarita! A few classic seasonal favourites such as Sherry, Port (did you know this can be mulled too) and not forgetting Egg Nog! Switch up your sweetie stand for a hot chocolate bar, complete with ginger bread men and candy canes for dipping and of course a selection of Christmassy flavours such as chocolate orange and peppermint! You can even add a drop of rum to make your hot choc that little bit more warming!

7.        The Romance

At Offley Place we have many rooms with open fireplaces which we enjoy lighting in the winter. There is nothing cosier than sipping a mulled wine by a crackling fire! Not only is a winter wedding original but the seasonal flair makes it a truly memorable day that will be the highlight of the season! Why not offer your guests blankets to be able to snuggle up on a crisp winter evening? A wedding filled with fairy lights, flickering candles, festive décor and the odd Christmas tune is sure to impress and leave you and your guests feeling all warm and fuzzy inside! After all, Christmas is a time to spread love and happiness!

8.        The Accessories

The wedding dress! Every little girl’s dream, putting on her dress on her big day! Winter allows you so many more options than in the summer, you can go for long laced sleeves without worrying about being too hot, similarly you can choose short sleeve or even sleeveless and accessorise! Style your dress with a fluffy fur wrap, a beautiful bolero or a silky velvet cloak. The same applies to the bridesmaids and of course your guests!

9.        The Photographs

Firstly, get a good deal with your favourite photographer; the chances are they will be available and happy to accept your custom! During the winter, the sunlight works in your favour, the day will be filled with glorious natural light and as the sun goes down in the late afternoon, you will have an opportunity to capture the sun set in all its splendour! The dark winter nights allow for fireworks, sparklers, candles and fairy lights, these make for beautiful wedding pictures that will last a lifetime!

10. The Honeymoon

So you’ve been planning for months and months, the big day has finally come and gone – don’t be struck down with what is known as Wedding-comedown! Leave the dreary British weather behind for somewhere far, far away! Escape the winter blues and book somewhere exotic where it is currently summer! Venture out to the Caribbean islands such as Barbados, Jamaica and St. Lucia! How about Cape Verde off the coast of Africa? The Canary Islands, Egypt, Dubai, Miami… now we’ve got you dreaming! Alternatively, carry on your magical winter wedding and book a once in a lifetime trip to Lapland, where the magic never ends!

We hope these 10 reasons have got you thinking! We would love to see you at Offley Place, please get in contact today to request your brochure or show round with an experienced coordinator.

We look forward to hearing from you,

Offley Place


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