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We have compiled a list of some of the most commonly asked questions when it comes to weddings and planning.

Q: How early is too early to start planning your wedding? 

A: It’s never too early to start. Getting a head start on planning your wedding will avoid a lot of stress down the road. Starting early ensures that you have more time to secure the exact suppliers you want. It can be a very stressful time so anything you can do to alleviate the stress will make your journey a lot more pleasant.

Q: Who lifts the veil? 

A: Whoever walks the bride down the aisle tends to lift the veil, traditionally this is the bride’s father, however, this is completely up to you- it’s your day!

Q: If we’re getting married in a chapel, what side of the altar should we stand on? 

A: Traditionally the bride will stand on the left and the groom on the right. 

Q: How big should our wedding party be? And should the bridal party be an even number? 

A: This is completely up to you, but obviously, the more people you have, the more there is to coordinate. Remember it’s your day so you can decide who and how many people you wish to have- there are no rules!

Q: When should we send out invitations for the day? 

A: Around 6-8 weeks before the wedding date will give your guests sufficient notice to arrange plans for the day, get the time off work etc.

Q: Do we have to offer plus ones to our guests? 

A: No you don’t have to, it’s your day so it’s completely up to you.

Q: Are there any traditions which we need to include on our wedding day?

A: The bottom line here is no, it’s your wedding so you aren’t obliged to do anything you don’t wish to. Times are evolving so including certain traditions isn’t too important anymore.

Q: Should I book my honeymoon with my maiden name or my new name? 

A: Your honeymoon will need to be booked in the name that appears on your passport, so for most brides, this will be their maiden name.

Q: What kind of confetti should I use? 

A: Our recommendation is something biodegradable such as dried flowers, in a colour that suits your theme.

Q: Where should we get ready for our wedding? 

A: Here at Offley Place we offer the Roseview suite as a lovely space for getting ready before the big day. However many wedding couples decide to get ready in the comfort of their own homes or a local hotel.

Q: Should we use a wedding planner? 

A: This is down to personal preference. Having someone with you throughout the wedding planning process can alleviate a lot of the planning stress, and having someone there on the day of your wedding to ensure the event runs smoothly ensures you can enjoy your day to the fullest. Ultimately the decision is yours

Q: Who should give the toasts?

A: Traditionally those giving toasts will include the father of the bride, followed by the best man and the maid of honour. But you can modify this in whichever way you see fit to make your day perfect for you. 

Q: Should we hire a dj?

A: This again is a personal preference, having a DJ alleviated the stress of evening entertainment and is far more recommended than controlling the music yourself through a playlist. We work with several recommended DJs that have been entertaining at Offley Place weddings for years 

Q: Do I have to throw my wedding bouquet? 

A: Of course not, this is your day so its completely up to you what you do with it! 

Q: Do we need to have a first dance? 

A: If you don’t want the spotlight to be on only you whilst you dance, having all the couples up to join you on the dancefloor for your first dance is a really nice idea so you still get to experience that moment whilst enjoying it with the rest of your loved ones. 

Q: Do we have to have a top table? 

A: No you do not need to have a top table. Many wedding couples choose to have a round table like the rest of the wedding, this way you are able to see all the guests at your table. Alternatively, a sweetheart table just for the two of you is a sweet, intimate option.

Q: Should we provide wedding favours for our guests? 

A: Wedding favours can get quite expensive, so no you don’t have to give your guests favours. But something small and personalised will be a nice touch for the guests to remember your day. 

Q: Should we include directions for how to get to the venue? 

A: Including the directions on the wedding invites will help your guests get here as smoothly as possible.


Q: Should we have a dress code? 

A: Again this is up to you, providing a dress code means there is no ambiguity on what guests should wear. Usually weddings are formal events, so without being told otherwise, this tends to be what guests will come wearing.

Photography by Natalie Stevenson, Nikki Watkins, Moments by Anum, R&B Photography


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