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Wedding planning is stressful. No matter the way you go about it, you’re likely to experience symptoms of stress and anxiety throughout the process. Self care is important in regular life, but now you’re wedding planning – you should really be prioritising it! We’ve compiled a short guide on self care during wedding planning with easy follow along steps to make sure you get that me time that you so desperately need.

  1. Sleep- I think this one goes without saying, but nonetheless, it’s the most important of all. We heard experts rattle on about getting our 8 hours and it can be very easy to skimp on this with work, leisure and other commitments. Now add wedding planning on top of that, and you can easily leave yourself underslept. You need to feel refreshed and awake when wedding planning


2. Couple time- spending time with your partner is next up on our self care guide. It’s important to remember that you are a team through this. Planning can often be frustrating but this is your time to destress together and remind the both of you what you have ahead of you to look forward to. Take time to cook each other dinner, have time with your phones off, and just generally take time for each other. Honestly, you’ll both thank yourselves for it.

3.  Screens- It can be easy to get sucked into the world of Pinterest and Instagram, creating boards, liking and sharing content. It’s easy to spend hours and hours a day facing a screen, this is both bad for your physical and mental health. So we propose taking conscious time out of your day where you have a ‘no screen time’ whether this is to cook, read a book, spend one on one time with your partner, see family or friends, the list goes on. And try having no screens before bedtime too!

4.  Exercise- fitness is as much about your mental health as it is physical, it is an important tool for unwinding, distressing and thinking. This exercise can be anything that you like, if you like sweating it out in the gym, then go for it. If a light jog is more up your street, you get out there! Even a brisk walk around your neighbourhood (or even the shops!) is perfectly ideal. Just get your body moving, because when your body feels great, your mind feels great too.

5.  Planning time- we recommend setting aside a dedicated time for wedding planning. Use our useful wedding planning guidelines to set deadlines for yourself to hit for each aspect of the wedding. Work out what days a week you are able to put hours aside to wedding planning (obviously work and other prior commitments should take priority). Maybe this will be in the evening when you get home from work, or you’d rather save it for the weekend and spend a longer session on it. Whatever time works for you this is what you should do, but recommend making a note in a diary the times you want to wedding plan- we find that structure really helps!

6. Friends– wedding planning is not a solo adventure, it’s likely you’ve got your best pals by your side throughout the process, so it’s important to take time out as a group to destress. Show your team how much you appreciate them by going out for drinks, treating them to something special in the run-up to the big day- I promise you they’ll appreciate it!

7. Pamper yourself- time with your partners and time with your friends is extremely important while wedding planning, but so is taking time to yourself. Book yourself a massage, get your hair and nails done, take time for yourself. Whatever makes you happy, make sure you prioritise it in the wedding planning process, 

8. Eat well- last up on our wedding planning self care guide is making sure you eat well! It is such an important factor that can be so easy to overlook – you just had a hard day at work, then come home and put in a few hours of wedding planning, the last thing you want to do is cook an entire meal from scratch. We’re not saying this is what you need to be doing, but you should be making sure you’re eating well-balanced meals with protein, carbohydrates and fruit/veggies. Whatever you need to do to make sure your body gets this- do it. We recommend meal prepping: take a few hours out of your day at the weekend, or make a few big meals one week, and store them in portions in the freezer and all you need to do is defrost and microwave. Curries, chillies and stews work brilliantly for this, just add pasta, rice or anything else you got a home-cooked meal with all the nutrients, minus the fuss!

Photography by Natalie Stephenson


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