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Moon & Stars Ceremonies is a wedding celebrant operating in the home counties of Buckinghamshire, Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire, Northamptonshire and even further afield. 

Laura is an independent wedding celebrant working with fun loving couples to deliver modern, fun, non traditional ceremonies. Laura is completely guided by her couples and supports them every step of the way to create a ceremony that reflects them in every way. She loves unique weddings, the more unique the better! Including loved ones, personal visual elements such as hand fasting, paint pouring or smoke bombs, and even dancing down the aisle. 

Laura started doing what she does as she went a celebrant led ceremony and absolutely loved it. She had previously  been to a handful of weddings where the ceremonies all seem to just melt into one and sound very similar- doing a disservice to the couple. She recognised that the ceremony should be the highlight of the day, this is what she aims to provide with her services. 


Laura has a background in teaching and knew she wanted to keep elements of her old career when she moved forward with her new one. Being a celebrant allows her to communicate with a variety of different people, be creative, explore exciting ideas but most of all have the chance to make a difference to a key moment in peoples lives.

Laura loves weddings because she loves being there for such a special day in a couples life. The sheer amount of love an agency that fills the room is amazing, everyone is so happy and excited on the day. 

Services provided:

Ceremony planning call

Bespoke script including two drafts

Rehearsal or venue visit

Certified Celebrant to deliver the ceremony

Copies of your script, readings and vows

Wedding celebration certificate

Expert help and support throughout


What is a celebrant?
An officiant for your wedding who creates an entirely personalised ceremony, all about your story as a couple, told however you choose.
What can I include?
The beauty of a celebrant wedding is the freedom and choice you have! There are no restrictions, so you can choose your own vows, music and readings but also include loved ones, pets, symbolic elements or smoke bombs and dancing down the aisle! Your ceremony will be all about you, filled with love, fun and personality!
Do your scripts all sound the same?
Never. There are no templates or ‘insert name here’ with me, I write all my ceremonies from scratch. The best part is because I have no boxes to tick, your ceremony can be less formal in nature, so less ‘for richer or poorer’, much more ‘I promise to do my share of the laundry’. 
Are celebrant ceremonies legal?
Unfortunately, celebrants in England are not permitted to legally marry couples yet. However, with the recent changes this year, the hope is that next year in 2023, this may change. You can still have your personalised ceremony with me, save your vows, readings, rings etc and just do the legal signing ceremony with a registrar before or after. 
A good way to think of it is, when you have a baby, you always celebrate the day they were born, not the day you register the birth.
‘Laura was amazing! She really listened and understood what we wanted from our ceremony. She was so relaxed and helpful throughout, even helped with our vows! Laura delivered everything we asked for and more, with many of our guests commenting on how lovely it was. Would highly recommend!’


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