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Gift giving is common for all weddings, and for Caribbean ceremonies, this is a great way to  celebrate the amazing culture this stunning region has. 

If you’re  getting ready for an upcoming Caribbean wedding, we’ve put together some amazing present ideas the lucky couple will simply love. 

Alcohol from the Caribbean 

Skip the European tradition of a bottle of champagne and delve into the many options the Caribbean has to offer. When thinking of a stunning Caribbean beach, it’s hard to not to picture a cocktail in hand. 

One of the key ingredients to many Caribbean cocktails is rum. Consider treating the couple to some Jamaican rum. Why Jamaican? This country is the undisputed haven for gloriously delicious concoctions, known for their distinctly strong aromas and flavours. 

These beverages harness the wide range of exotic fruits grown in Jamaica, all of which fuse together, creating succulent tastes in its purest form. 

Selecting the best rums from Jamaica is tricky, but you can play it safe with the nation’s preferred choice; Wray & Nephew.  They’ve been distilling, blending and bottling up rum since 1825, so they must be doing something right! 

Don’t forget other key ingredients for those cocktails, more of which have Caribbean origins. Angostura Bitters from Trinidad add a unique flavour and for those bright colours, the traditional Curaçao liqueurs give that tropical island feel.

Larimar Jewellery  

Jewellery is always a winner, and if you’re looking to offer up something truly special, consider pieces made from the rare Larimar mineral found in the Dominican Republic. 

Colour choice is plentiful, with tones ranging from turquoise blue through to deep greens, and its symbolism for both enlightenment and spiritual healing makes for a truly heart-warming gift, boasting real significance for the wearer.

Larimar can be used for earrings, pendants, bracelets and so much more, always giving off an oceanic finish, which is of course so synonymous with the Caribbean region. 

Adopt a Turtle

For the couple that already have everything and are insisting on no gifts. The Caribbean is vulnerable to a lot of environmental impacts due to climate change. If your bride and groom are conscious of the human and environmental impact on this iconic species, perhaps they would appreciate this gift in their name.

Food from Home Hamper

From Tortuga Rum Cake to traditional carbonated drinks, creating a hamper to remind your bride and groom of home on their special day. You can find all their favourite Caribbean food and drinks with delivery to the UK. 

For that ultra-personal touch, why not try making some treats yourself? Belizeans make some delicious fudge, so if the couple are into confectionery, this’ll hit the spot for sure. Their fudge is made primarily from milk, sugar and peanuts, with raisins often thrown into the mix for extra taste. There are loads of Belize fudge recipes available online with ingredients available in any supermarket.

Your Dream Caribbean Wedding in Hertfordshire 

Ready to craft the perfect Caribbean wedding? We’re here to guide you towards the dream ceremony, made possible by highly experienced people who can deliver everything you want and more. To get started, contact us directly today. 


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