What Do You Wear to a Jewish Wedding?

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Jewish wedding ceremonies are glorious celebrations of Jewish laws and culture. It’s a breath taking occasion, filled with love, laughter and packed with both ancient traditions and lavish displays. A day not to be missed!

But, if you’re new to Jewish weddings, you may be unsure about what to wear. Is this a black tie affair? Should you avoid certain colours?

No need to worry! We have come up with this simple guide to get you ready for the big day. 

Jewish Wedding Ceremony
Jewish Wedding Ceremony

What Do The Bride and Groom Wear at a Jewish Wedding?

The colour white is kind of a big deal in Jewish weddings. White represents spiritual renewal, so don’t be surprised to see the groom take a liking to this tone as well as the bride. It’s also pure and bright, so perfect for the cheery vibes you want to see from your average wedding day. 

What Colour Should You Not Wear to a Jewish Wedding? 

As it’s traditional for the bride and groom to be wearing white, you’re best steering well clear of this colour. Don’t want to upstage the bride and groom do we now! Let them stand out, as it’s their big day, so consider wearing something dark or colourful.

Is it Okay to Wear Black to a Jewish Wedding?

Black is a formal tone that puts the spotlight firmly on the bride and groom, so yes, absolutely think about wearing black for a Jewish wedding ceremony. Sometimes on the invite, it might even specify ‘black tie’, so take the opportunity to really dress up if you see this!

What Should You Not Wear to a Jewish Wedding?

Be respectful; this is a religious ceremony after all. If you’re not sure, ask the bride or groom whether shoulders should be covered. You can always play it safe by taking a cardigan, bolero or shawl to cover shoulders during the ceremony, and later remove them for the party. 

The most important thing for men would be how their heads should be covered for Jewish ceremonies, so if you’re presented with a Kippah upon arrival, make sure you place this straight on. You’re only going to cause offence if you turn your nose up. 

Jewish Wedding Photography
Jewish Wedding Customs and Traditions

What Can You Expect From a Jewish Wedding?

Like traditions? You’ve stuck gold! Jewish weddings reinvented the meaning of the word ‘tradition’. Whether it’s breaking of the glass or the seven blessings, there’s plenty to get your teeth stuck into.

When it comes to gift-giving, pick a pressie that symbolises ‘life’. Oh, and if you’re attending an Orthodox Jewish wedding, bear in mind that males and females often sit separately. 

Are You Planning a Jewish Wedding in Hertfordshire? 

We’re so thrilled to be an approved vendor for Smashing the Glass. Celebrate the Jewish faith with a wedding day you will treasure for a lifetime. We have the perfect location, in a luxury country house, surrounded by the beautiful British countryside. Everything you need is right here, including Jewish-approved caterers and an impressive ballroom, to create the Hertfordshire wedding of your dreams. 

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