How Long Do Asian Weddings Last?

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Asian wedding culture is often pretty distinct, and because of this, ceremonies will be rather different depending on the couple’s nationality. 

But, no matter which part of Asia they hail, you can expect a wedding fiesta, jam packed with colour, thrills and flair. 

Right, we’ve taken a close at just three of the 48 Asian countries, because let’s be honest, writing about every Asian wedding custom would take all-year! 

How Long Do Pakistani Weddings Last?

Wedding lovers will resent Pakistani’s for their lengthy celebrations, which can often take up to a week. 

Kicking things off will be the pre-celebrations, known as ‘The Dholki’, which usually happens a few weeks before the main event. 

Here, both the bride and groom will welcome their friends and family for an evening of good old fashioned partying. 

After the main ceremony wraps up, attention turns to the reception, known as ‘The Walima’. 

This is basically another excuse to go wild on the dance floor, just be careful of not upstaging the bride who will likely fashion a ravishing party dress accompanied by dazzling, golden jewellery.  

How Long Does a Chinese Wedding Take?

In most cases, and if the wedding is modern, this will probably take just one day. On the flip side, traditional ceremonies are far longer-winded, often running over the course of four days. 

So, why are old-school weddings longer? Well, they’re likely to cram far more traditions into the mix, some of which are fairly lengthy to get over the line. 

In fact, there’s quite a few which may surface, and this may include ‘The Tea Ceremony’, in which the bride and groom show gratitude towards their parents with a red China tea set.  

How Long are Indian Weddings?

Longer than a solitary day, that’s for sure! They can last for up to five days, but generally, it’s three. 

These three days often break up into the Ganesh Puja, the Mehndi Ceremony, and finally the main wedding day itself.

So, what on earth are the first two we’ve mentioned here? 

The former is used to signify the start of wedding proceedings, culminating in a prayer to Lord Ganesh, seeking peace for all involved with the upcoming ceremony. 

And the latter, well, it’s a chance for both families to mingle and become better acquainted. 

Discover Asian Weddings at Offley Place 

Asian weddings are special, and we truly believe our stunning wedding venue in Hertfordshire is equally special. 

Our wedding planners will craft the perfect packages for every couple, making sure unique trends and traditions are forging every single detail. 

So, what makes our Asian weddings in Hertfordshire so unique? We have an extensive list of suppliers that help create stunning occasions, which includes the finest caterers, entertainers and Asian weddings photography in the business. 

Ready to start planning your dream Asian wedding? We know you are! So, let’s get things underway. 

Simply reach out to a member of our team today for further information about our truly spectacular occasions.


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