How To Plan an Asian Wedding

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Pride, laughter, and lasting memories are what make Asian weddings so special. 

They’re simply stunning occasions, with treasured traditions and joyous endeavours placed firmly at the very heart. 

Are you planning an Asian wedding? Lucky you! Well, actually, you’re not totally blessed, and that’s because your typical Asian wedding to-do list is often rather hefty. 

Right, let’s get you set for the perfect Asian wedding ceremony. 


Not sure if you noticed, but Asia is a rather large continent. Its eye popping population of around 4.5 billion people from 48 countries, has created a plethora of incredibly varied pallets.  

During the highly anticipated eating phase of your ceremony, you can expect the cuisine to adopt distinctive qualities based on the country our newlyweds hail. 

For Japanese weddings, things like Sushi and Ramen noodle dishes are likely to take centre stage, whereas people from India take more of a liking to butter chicken known as Makhani, and naan bread covered in either garlic, paneer or chilli. 

Dress Code

Firstly, don’t you dare think about wearing red. This often belongs to the bride, and the bride only! As far as you’re concerned, it’s best to don similarly warm tones, but ones that symbolise a sense of happiness. 

In fact, China has picked out both purple and pink to represent this, so well worth wearing if you fancy delving into cultural significance. 

Asian weddings are indeed about having a good time, but don’t take advantage of this boisterous vibe with overly flashy clothing. Keep things classy, or you’ll look a bit silly!


If you’re attending an Indian wedding, you’re in for a treat. For starters, you’ll probably be tapping away to traditional Gujarat music, which blends religious and social messages in perfect harmony. You’ll also enjoy the delights of Bollywood tuneage, the likes of which is more akin to your typical pop music. 

Are the lucky couple from the Philippines? Then get set for Filipino folk music, crafted from strong Spanish and Latin American influences. This nation is also partial to the occasional pinoy-pop number, a contemporary genre currently growing as we speak. 

Now, things are a little different in Singapore, that being their love for classical songs, forged from Hindustani and Karnatic music. They’re both packed with religious impact, the former originating from the Bhakti movement, and the latter during the Vedic period. 


Ok, let’s talk Asian wedding traditions, and boy, do Asian weddings tick a lot of boxes in this respect. Take China for example; they know how to arrive at weddings in style! Expect lively dancing, spectacular firecrackers and booming drums to accompany each guest. To summarise, it’s a carnival, and a rather large one at that. 

We haven’t given South Korea much attention have we? That all changes now! In Korea, it’s common for the groom to present his new mother-in-law a Goose to symbolise commitment to their daughter. Why Geese? They represent absolute loyalty. 

Rounding things off traditions wise, and over in Malaysia, solemnity will be declared the evening before, and with it, the Quran is recited to remind the groom of his duties as a husband. 

Create the Perfect Asian Wedding at Offley Place

We love Asian weddings and can’t wait to host some more. If you’re looking for Asian wedding venues in Hertfordshire, you have struck gold! Our team knows precisely what’s needed to make your day special, by leaning heavily on your traditions, values and tastes, every step of the way. 

Start planning your dream Asian wedding today by contacting us directly.


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